Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions ? FAQ? ? F.A.Q?

1. What are the different names of Lord Balaji?
Lord Balaji is known to his devotees with many different names. Here are a few names: Lord of Seven Hills – Venkateswara – Venkatesa – Balaji – Tirumalesha – Perumalla – Govinda – Sreenivasa.

2. How many times should we perform Sree Venkateswara Vratham?
There is no set number. You can perform the Vratham every day, once a week, once a month or once a year. You can perform it as many times as you would like. (In case you heard from some one that the Vratham needs to be performed seven times over a seven week period – then you are speaking of a different Vratham).

3. Will we see miracles in our home after performing the Vratham?
We have heard from many devotees that they have witnessed a miracle in some form after performing the Vratham. In case you are performing the Vratham to just witness a miracle, then you may probably want to rethink and read the book one more time. Devotees perform this Vratham to reduce bad karma and increase good karma.

4. Maargashira is which month in English?
Maargashira changes every year. Refer to the panchaangam for the correct dates.

5. What is wheat rava? Is this the same rava which is normally used for halwa or upma?
Use brown wheat rava for making the prasadam for the Vratham.

6. We don’t have garlands made of cloth or cotton, can we use flower garlands instead?
Yes. Flower garlands can be used as well.

7. We don’t have a separate puja room in our home or flat. Can we perform the Vratham in our living room or any other room in our home?
Yes. Vratham can be performed in your living room or bedroom. Please make sure that the place is clean.

8. Do we need to purchase a new picture of Lord Balaji or can we use a picture that we already have at home in our puja room?
You don’t need to buy a new picture of Lord Balaji to perform the Vratham. You can use the existing picture in your puja room and place it back after the Vratham is completed.

9. We have other God and Goddesess pictures in our puja room. Can we place Lord Balaji’s picture along with these pictures and idols in our usual puja room?
You can place Lord Balaji’s picture or idol along with the other Gods and Goddesses. You don’t need to put Lord Balaji’s picture or idol separately. And you can use the same picture every time the Vratham is performed.

10. What can be offered as naivedhyam to Lord Balaji after performing the daily puja?
You can offer any fruits, dry fruits, milk and any cooked food (no onion – no garlic – no meat – no fish – no egg).

11. It is difficult to pronounce vratham mantras. If a mantra is not pronounced correctly will it still give any result or will it give bad results?
Don’t be scared while reading the mantras. At first it may seem difficult, but after reading a few times you will read it fluently. Reading the mantra incorrectly will not give any bad results. Practice a few lines every day and take your time and learn to read all the mantras. You will have to be patient and learn to read slowly, before you can be fluent with the mantras. You may download the English MP3 audio of Vratham from our website and play it along while you read the mantras. Perform the Vratham with dedicated devotion and leave the rest to God.

12. Which kind of oil should be used to make akshintha or akshitaan?
To make akshintha or akshitaan, mix white rice grains very well, with little sesame seed oil and little haldi or passupu.

13. Do we need to cook naivedyam or prasadam for Lord Balaji on a new stove? Or can we cook using our existing stove in the kitchen with new utensils?
You can cook the naivedyam using your existing stove. It is ideal to use new utensils to cook for the Lord and keep them separate from other home utensils.

14. How do we offer the new blouse piece to the Lord?
Use the blouse piece to decorate the coconut that is placed on the kalash.

15. When do we place the coconut on top of the kalash?
You may place coconut in top of the kalash before starting the Vratham.

16. Which side should the kalash be placed, when performing the Vratham?
It is ideal to place the Kalash to the right side of the Lord’s picture or idol.

17. Should we always offer 5 coconuts when performing the Vratham? What if we cannot afford 5 coconuts or if we cannot find coconuts in the place we live?
In case you cannot afford 5 coconuts or cannot find coconuts, offer flowers or tulasi leaves to the Lord.

18. Should we use paan / beetel leaves or mango leaves?
You can use either paan / beetel leaves or mango leaves or use both if you have them. In case you do not have paan or mango leaves, that is fine – do not worry.

19. Where can we get the book for Sree Venkateswara Vratham?
Sree Venkatesawara Vratham PDF book is available for download in Telugu, English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Italian, Malayalam and French – download them for free by clicking the link below. MP3 Audio is available for download in Telugu, English and Malayalam.

Telugu Venkateswara Vratham MP3 Audio English Venkateswara Vratham MP3 Audio
Malayalam Venkateswara Vratham MP3 Audio
Telugu Venkateswara Vratham PDF Book Kannada Venkateswara Vratha Niyamagalu PDF Book Tamil Venkateswara Viradham PDF Book
English Venkateswara Vratham PDF Book Hindi Venkateswara Vrat Katha PDF Book Marathi Venkateswara Vrat Katha PDF Book
Malayalam Venkateswara Vratham PDF Book Italian Venkateswara Vratham PDF Book French Venkateswara Vratham PDF Book

20. Can we perform the Vratham without a priest or pujari?
Yes – you can perform the Vratham without a priest or pujari. In case you can afford or find a priest to perform the Vratham – it is OK as well.

21. What do we do with the flowers, leaves, coconuts, fruits that were used for the Vratham?
Distribute fruits to other devotees, friends, neighbors and relatives along with the prasadam. You may use the flowers and leaves as manure for your plants or take it to a temple or garden or to a recycler. Use the coconut that was placed on top of the kalash to make sweets. The 5 coconuts offered for 5 stories can be distributed to other devotees, friends, neighbors or relatives or use it for cooking any other dishes that you would like. You can drink the coconut water from all 5 coconuts including the coconut that is placed on the kalash. It is ideal to offer the coconut water as theertham to other devotees, friends, neigbors and relatives.

22. Is there anything that we could do to help you?
Spread the word about “Sree Venkateswara Vratham” with other devotees.

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